Privacy Policy

We are creating this privacy policy for our users to inform them about the information we collect about our users when they start using our applications, games, and other services. We assume it is important to inform our users that we are honest about the privacy of our users. The data and the personal and non-personal information we generate about our users is secured from our end and there is no probability to share this information with any third person. 

This page of the privacy policy is showing the procedure of collecting, storing, using, disclosing, and transferring the information and data about the user. The page of the privacy policy is published for the users and the users are required to go through the all terms and conditions mentioned in the privacy policy before starting to use our games, apps, and services. In case of any objection or you are not agreed with the terms and conditions of this page, then you are not allowed to use any of our services. When you accept our privacy policy then you are free to use our services at any time without any cost. If you are under 18, then you must get permission from your parents or guardian before accepting our privacy policy.

Collection of Information:

There are following different procedures to gather information about users:

  • When you start to generate a new account
  • When you use our games, apps, and other services
  • When you buy something by using our services
  • When you watch the advertisement
  • When you try to contact our other users
  • When you provide feedback via email

The information about the users can be generated through all these methods. The information we generate is of two type:

Personal Information:

The protection of information and data is the basic concern of every user and we understand it. We collect general information about our users and we do not have any intention to obtain any sensitive information which you are not willing to share with us. We assure our users that the data they shared with us is secured in our hands.

Non-Personal Information:

When you accept our privacy policy and start using our services then we contain the information about the users such as name, email address, and other things which are come in terms of the general information. Users only provide us with non-personal information at the time when they facilitate themselves with our products or services. The users share the information with us by showing trust in us and we give our best to maintain this trust because your trust is valuable to us.

Information from Third Party:

We can collect information about our users from the third-party sources. The sources of these third-party networks can be Google Play Game Services, Social Networks, and Facebook. We can obtain information about you when you connect our apps with any of your social media accounts. The information will be automatically fetched according to the criteria you set for your privacy setting.

Use of Information:

We collect information to use it only for positive purposes. We always try to facilitate our customers/users with our best apps, games, and other services. The information we generate from you will help us to develop more products for you and encourage us to improve our work for you. Your feedback is valuable to us and will urge us to improve the quality of our services and will make us to provide a better user experience for our users. 


Cookies generally are the small amount of data that is commonly used as an anonymous unique identifier and are termed as cookies. When the users visit our websites then the cookies are travelled in the internal storage of the device used by the users. The use of our services by you will be knowable to us by the presence of these cookies. The information we gather from cookies will help us to update our services for a better user experience and to modify our products according to your need. 


Our most basic purpose is the protection of the data and information you shared with us. Security is the basic concern of every user and we assure you that the personal or non-personal information about you is safe in our hands. It is necessary to inform you that your data would not be accessible to any other person. It is our prime concern to safeguard the data you shared with us. We are always struggling to protect your information for keeping your trust in us.

Changes to Privacy Policy:

Changes are necessary according to the time. We inform you it is our prime right to make changes to the page of the privacy policy when it is needed. Users should be aware of the latest changes in the privacy policy and for this users are required to visit the page of the privacy policy in a timely order. 

Feedback & Questions:

The feedback from the users is very important for us and will encourage us to make more services for our users in the future. If you have any queries or questions then make yourself free to contact us at the given email. You can contact us at: